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Top Five Must Visit Places In LA

Top Five Must Visit Places In LA

Photos taken at  The Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa  in San Diego, CA.

Photos taken at The Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa in San Diego, CA.

If your visiting Los Angeles soon, you’ve come to the right place!

I currently live in Phoenix however, I recently lived in Los Angeles for a few years and I still visit pretty often. It’s definitely my favorite city, there’s so many special places in LA and nooks that many people don’t know about, but I’m here to share the secrets!

Here’s five of the must visit spots in LA:

1. Urth Caffe

Urth Caffe is the cutest cafe that offers yummy breakfast and lunch items like salads, sandwiches, coffee, tea, etc. Urth Caffe is definitely no secret to the locals, everyone LOVES it. All of their food is so good, but the caprese sandwich and blended chai boba is my go to order.

There’s a few locations, but my favorite location is the Santa Monica one. This one is special because it’s only a few blocks from the beach so after you get your coffee you can go sit on the beach.

TIP: Make it a priority to get to Urth Caffe just about an hour before sunset because then you can watch the sunset on the beach. You’re right off the Santa Monica Pier so it’s all pretty and lit up thanks to the ferris wheel lights.

Last thing, when you come here, there is inside seating and outside seating. Sit in the outside seating in the back!! It’s like a little peaceful magical forest back there and it’s always shady from all the trees and foliage they have back there.

2. Warner Bros. Studios

I used to work here, so I have a lot of special memories associated with this place. They offer tours of the lot and they are genuinely really cool. You get to learn a bit about TV & film production, as well as the history of the WB lot and the best part, you get to visit the set of your (my) fave show, Friends!

Bonus: WB is located in Burbank which is (in my opinion) the actual Hollywood of California.

When I say this I mean that there is sort of a misconception of what Hollywood is. Most people think Hollywood is where all of the celebrities live, when in reality they’re in Burbank because that’s where most of them work everyday! Burbank is where lots of production studios are so this is literally where the magic is made and you’ll be more likely to spot celebrities.

3. Porto’s Bakery & Cafe

Cheese rolls and potato balls that all you need to know.

Just kidding, you need to know more. This is a bakery/cafe and it’s goooood. Everything in their bakery is amazing and it’s all surprisingly super well priced.

They have good sandwiches and coffee, but their shining stars are their cheese rolls and their potato balls. The cheese rolls are like soft and flakey cheese danishes rolled up and they are deeeelish. Plus, they are something crazy like 90 cents each! Potato balls are also magic. They are deep fried and breaded mashed potato balls with ground beef and onions in the middle, and they are also like 90 cents each??? Crazy. There’s a few Porto’s locations in the Los Angeles area but the best one is in Burbank :)

4. O Dae San Korean BBQ


You just can’t beat the service, food quality and price here! It’s less than $20 a person for all you can eat Korean bbq and side dishes, and it’s all really good. Their seafood pancake and kimchi is my favorite part!

Of course the experience is fun just like any traditional Korean BBQ place, the meat is served raw and you cook it yourself with a small grill that’s built into your table.

There’s seriously no place as good as this one, every time my husband and I visit Los Angeles we make it a priority to come here!

5. SECRET Malibu Beach

Okay, duh, Malibu Beach is a good spot but I'm not just talking Malibu Beach in general, I'm talking about a specific part of the beach! When I first moved to LA a friend of mine showed me one of his favorite spots in the city and it quickly became one of my favorite spots in the city as well.

This part of Malibu Beach is often empty and there is always available parking. Crazy, right?? Basically, as you drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, there is a sharp turn off to the right that you will probably pass if you're not paying attention. It leads up to a neighborhood that has public street parking as long as you abide by the street parking signs. There is also a bridge you can walk across that takes you directly from that neighborhood you parked in to the beach.

I love this spot because it feels like your own little private beach. There's even a little lifeguard tower right there that is also usually empty that you can sit in (if you hate sitting in sand, which I do). If you guys want to know how to find this "secret" part of the beach here are some instructions:

  1. Head down the PCH and turn on Porto Marina Way, it's a small street so it's easy to miss. You'll know your near it when you see a bridge that stretches from the beach to the neighborhoods right above the highway.

  2. Go up the hill on Porto Marina Way and make a right on Breve Way.

  3. Make another right on Castellammare Dr.

  4. Take it all the way down to the dead end and right before the end there will be an opening with a stairway on your right which leads to the bridge.

  5. Park near here and take the stairs to the bridge! You'll have to make U-Turn to park on the side of the street that is okay to park on.

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