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NYC Travel Guide | Instagram Edition

NYC Travel Guide | Instagram Edition


Okay, everyone, here it is! Your one stop shop when it comes to researching the most Instagrammable places in New York City! Each of these spots are so dreamy and Instagram worthy, I know you will fall in love with them just like I did. 

This post has actually been a long time coming, since we traveled in NYC back in March for our two-year anniversary. It was so fun and SO COLD. It kind of hurt to be outside sometimes but it was totally worth it. We also pretty much walked everywhere aside from a few subway/Uber rides, because we really wanted the full experience. I had been to NY back in 2013 but I hadn't been back since and Mihran has NEVER been so getting the full experience was a big deal. Not to mention this meant we got a ton of exercise this way which was needed since we basically ate our way through the city. 


So, without further ado, my NYC Travel Guide: Instagram Edition!

Pietro Nolita - This is the cutest little pink cafe. They do lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks. Now just so we are clear when I say little, I do mean LITTLE. Sometimes photos can be deceiving, and a reoccurring theme of our trip in NY was definitely how surprisingly small every restaurant was since the photos we had seen obviously didn't do them justice. Regardless of it's size, this place is totally worth visiting thanks to it's pink nature and insanely cute coffee cups.


Fish Cheeks - Doesn't get much cuter than this! Plus their food is amazing. Totally recommend this as a lunch spot stop because it's in a great neighborhood for sight seeing and shopping.


Freeman's Restaurant - Okay, I have to confess something....we did not actually eat here, so I can't vouch for the food. We came to see this famous blue door in the most dreamy alley way!! New York is pretty much exactly how it looks on TV, but this particular spot just looks like a dream. It did not feel real walking down this alleyway to find a super cute back entrance to Freeman's. If you guys go (and eat here LOL) let me know what you think!


Cha Cha Matcha - While this spot totally lives up to the hype it is SO much smaller than I had imagined. Regardless, totally worth stopping here. Their soft serve and matcha is so amazing and obviously makes for the cutest photos.


Brooklyn Bridge - Maybe this is an obvious one, but I think it needs to said because it makes for BREATH TAKING photos! The walk on this bridge was a long one, filled with lots of people, but you'll find quiet moments to enjoy where you are and maybe even capture the moment. Trust me, it's worth the trek for sure.


Loco Coco - This spot offers the BEST acai bowls in NYC, plus for just $2 more they will put it in a coconut bowl. It's so cute and SO yummy. We got the one with banana, berries and peanut butter (my weakness) & I'm positive it's the best acai bowl I have ever had.


Eggloo - I want these everyday, it's so sad that it's only in New York. The ice cream is really good, but it is the PUFFLE CONE that makes it amazing. It's like a soft waffle and it makes me want to cry it's so good. They let you put whatever toppings (unlimited!) that you want, and of course as usual, it makes for the cutiest photos evaaaa.


Times Square - Another NYC gimme I guess, but again the photos you'll leave with are stunning. Plus did you even go to NYC if you didn't stop by Times Square? Oh, and Sweet Churros is located here and you can't leave without trying one of their churros. They are giant and covered in chocolate so obviously you need it in your life.


Kellogg's NYC - This is the most unique breakfast spot, and probably the biggest breakfast place in NYC, it was 3 stories! I was so amazed by how big it was and it actually wasn't super busy! That was probably the best part. After a week of being in NYC and getting used to tiny, packed restaurants, it was nice to have breakfast here. Totally a breath of fresh air. They let you make your own cereal bowl or they'll make one for you and they are CUTE. Oh and there are swinging chairs hanging from the ceiling on the second floor against a giant window so you can look out into the city!


DO - Last but not least, Cookie Do Confections! They sell the yummiest edible cookie dough with or without ice cream, and it's amazing. They are pretty much always busy, so pick a good day to come here. The first day we tried to stop here was on a Saturday and they were PACKED. So, we came back on a Tuesday and they were still busy but it was at least only a 20 min wait vs an hour wait. It's def worth the wait so don't let that scare you away! Oh and yes this place is of course super Instagrammable, however, I forgot to get a photo here...sorry guys!

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