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8 Most Instagrammable Places in San Diego

8 Most Instagrammable Places in San Diego


Check out my 2019 updated guide to San Diego HERE.

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Hey everyone! If you’ve seen some of my recent IG photos and stories you probably know that we took a trip out to San Diego a few weeks ago! We went with the intention of visiting all of the cutest places that San Diego has to offer. A couple days before the trip I did some research and Googled “most Instagrammable places in San Diego”.

Most of these lists were great, but there were so many options that it was hard to narrow it down to which ones were truly worth visiting, especially when your trip is short like ours was.

After sorting through tons of lists online, I ended up my own top 8 that we successfully visited and want to share with you guys!

1. Belmont Park - Belmont Park is so cute and vintage, we got so many photos with our GIANT ice cream cones and it was so fun. We even went on the rollercoaster and it was fun and we did not die. So all in all, I’d say this was stop was successful.

Tips: Parking and admission is free which is awesome, but parking is limited and spots are TINY, so get there right when they open (11am) for your best bet at easy parking.


2. Holy Matcha - SO CUTE. This place is so pretty and they have the cutest food and drinks. I got their Matcha Sparkling Lemonade and it came in the cutest glass with a flower on top! This place is definitely popular, especially with those trying to snap cute pics. The best place for a photo op here is sitting in their pink booth with the palm wallpaper behind, but there’s also a couple other nooks inside that you might want to snap a photo of, plus don’t forget to photograph your cute food & drinks!

Tips: It can be hard to snag one of those coveted seats on the pink booth. Holy Matcha is pretty tiny and there’s only about 8 spots on the booth so you may be awkwardly standing for a little while waiting for a spot to open up. It’s totally worth it though, so just make sure to carve out enough time for this stop! P.s. this is another stop with sort of hard to find street parking, so plan accordingly for that as well!


3. Grater Grilled Cheese - Okay, first thing I need to tell you is we didn’t actually take any photos here. We honestly came here because we heard the food was BOMB (& it was) But, that’s not to say it’s not Instagrammable! If you are a food blogger or just like sharing pics of your food, this is a good place for that too! But back to the food, SO GOOD. I got a lobster grilled cheese and lobster cheese fries. I’m pretty sure that’s all I have to say because….. Yum.

Tips: No tips needed here. Plenty of room inside and plenty of parking. This spot is in La Jolla, so there was actually a parking lot to park in.

4. Little Italy Mercato Farmers’ Market - We actually stumbled upon this farmer’s market on our walk over to Ironside. We were so happy because earlier that day we had spent some time trying to find a farmers’ market that didn’t workout, and here we had just happened to find one right by Ironside! There were so many cute booths/tents set up with pretty flowers, yummy fruit, etc.

Tips: Same as Ironside, parking will be at a meter so plan accordingly! Oh, and this farmers’ market takes both card & cash!


5. Ironside Fish & Oysters - You won’t actually go inside this one, because the cutest part about it is right outside at the front of the restaurant. There’s a huge plant wall that is so cute and perfect for snapping quick photos while exploring this part of San Diego, which is really cute by the way. So many unique shops, restaurants and houses right here!

Tips: This is another stop where parking is difficult, so we ended up parking a few blocks away from Ironside at a meter. Not a big deal though because the walk over is so pretty and you might even find a couple more spots for photo ops.

6. Fairweather - Fairweather is the coolest rooftop bar. It overlooks Petco Park (the baseball field!) and to get to it you walk into a restaurant/bar and walk up a few flights of stairs to ultimately walk out into the sunshine! It seriously feels like your going to a secret bar on the roof. Which you are, except it’s not a secret, lol. Trust me, it’s so unique here and you can’t beat the view.

Tips: Um, it was impossible to get a drink here! We were so excited to relax up here with a drink and get some photos but we spent so much time waiting to order a drink, we ended up having to leave. :( That sucked, but it’s still on the list because it really is so cool here. You just definitely need to make sure you arrive with plenty of time on your hands to order a drink and get a seat.


7. Pigment - This store is SO cute! We seriously drove to Pigment without even completely understanding what it was, but knew it was going to be cute. There’s so many photos of it on Instagram but nobody actually seems to explain what it is. Well, I’m here to tell you that is probably the cutest store ever. They sell everything from greeting cards to random knick knacks and succulents. It was so hard not to buy everything in sight. I almost even bought a gummy bear “cleanse” LOL. I’m not even going to explain it, you’re just going to have to go there and see for yourself!

Tips: Parking is meter only, so there’s that. But also, make sure you come at a good time when it’s overcast or in the morning. This is important because there’s two super cute walls outside of Pigment that you’ll for sure want a photo in front of but you’ll need the shade to get a good pic. We were there when it was super sunny (which is great) but made for some shadowy pics :(


8. Ocean Beach Dog Beach - This is the best beach for photos! We were there on a Saturday and it was NOT crazy busy! It’s so hard to get good photos at the beach, not mention it’s just not as enjoyable, when there’s a million people there. There were only a few people (and dogs lol) around so it was perfect. There is also a ton of FREE parking right in front of the beach. Honestly, that’s so rare so put this as the top of your “beaches to visit” list.

Tips: DON’T BRING FOOD. LOL. Okay, so we thought it’d be cute to get photos eating pizza on the beach (& it was) BUT we attracted all of the seagulls and they were definitely flying all around us, circling the pizza. It was v scary. And then a small dog ran and jumped on our pizza. I guess bringing food to a dog beach makes no sense, we had no one to blame but ourselves lol.

Check out my 2019 updated guide to San Diego HERE.

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