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January Favorites

January Favorites


Hey everyone! So, it's been a couple months since I've last written about some of my current favorite things so I feel like I have alottt to talk about! Below you guys will find 10 things I am loving right now and they will also be linked so you can check them out for yourself if you want!

1. James Michelle Heart Necklace - I actually just recently got this necklace and I love it so much. I feel like I've been looking for something just like this for a long time. I like to have a go-to set of jewelry that I wear everyday. Usually I wear the same diamond earrings, my coordinate ring that matches my husband's (it's one of my favorite things, it has the coordinates of where my husband and I met and he has a matching one that's just a bit manlier haha), and of course I always wear my engagement ring! The only thing was that I didn't have any necklaces that I liked enough to wear everyday. I really just wanted something that was good quality, delicate and simple that I can wear all the time. Well, this heart necklace is totally the one and it has been added to my everyday pieces. ps it makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift!!

2. Brand Melville Thermal - This is one of my favorite pieces that I found this month. It super comfortable and is perfect for a casual day running errands or a night in. 

3. Topshop Soulmate Sweatshirt - This will probably be my favorite sweatshirt for a long time because I pretty much want to wear it everyday. It honestly makes a casual outfit so much cuter.


4. Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Working Serum - This is my favorite hair product that I use every single day and can't live without. Basically it's an oil that you put in your hair, wet or dry, and it will help split ends, make it shinier, create separation, lock in moisture and tame frizz! Pretty much everything you need for your hair, everyday. I apply it after every shower, after I curl my hair, or after I brush it out to revive second day waves. 

5. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket - We honestly have three of these same blankets thrown around in different places of our house. They are super cute and go with everything, and they are the softest. blankets. ever. 

6. Topshop Crush Sneakers - Okay, love these! They go with everything, they're comfy and the sole is pink you guys! These are definitely an essential and they are totally affordable. 


7. Anthropologie Jar Candle - This is my all time favorite candle. It's so pretty and smells amazing. Matches every kind of home decor and truly makes every room extra cute.

8. Glossier Boy Brow - Okay, so maybe I'm the last person to find out about this eyebrow magic, but it's so good that I couldn't leave it off the list. I've never been very good at shaping and coloring in my eyebrows, but this makes it SO easy. It colors, shapes, thickens, and keeps them in place all in one step. My eyebrows looks so much thicker now and I'm lovinggg it. 

9. Glossier Solution - Another Glossier favorite. This one is brand new too. It's a chemical exfoliator that has really helped my skin. I use it everyday after I wash my face and it has cleared up blackheads, reduced redness and has given me so much natural glow!

10. Starry Night Plush Robe - This robe is so cozy and cute! I wear this every morning for coffee and all the time for cozy nights in... specifically every Monday night for Bachelor Mondays lolll.

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