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how to have a cute instagram feed - "instagrammer" secrets!

how to have a cute instagram feed - "instagrammer" secrets!


Ever wonder how Sarah from high school’s IG feed is always so freaking cute?? How do all the photos match so well and how does she get some many likes?? Well folks, today I’m going to share with you the ONE HUGE SECRET that will change your Instagram game forever. Lightroom presets.

Basically lots of “Instagrammers” use the same Lightroom preset on every photo they post. This not only makes the photo look even better, but using the same preset on every photo will make your feed match and look very ~ aesthetic ~.

Presets are essentially filters that can be put on photos to make them look v cute, and Lightroom is the program you need to use them. (I know lots of people use VSCO which is amazing, but I promise Lightroom takes them to another whole level!!) There’s a desktop version of Lightroom and a mobile Lightroom app. The desktop version is much more advanced, but it is a bit costly. The mobile app is completely FREE, and while it’s less advanced, it’s easier to use and there’s lots of mobile presets on the market to use with it.

When I say “on the market”, I mean presets are typically for sale whether you find them on Etsy or buy them from your fav blogger (you can also make your own). If there’s a specific blogger you love following, there’s a good chance they sell their own presets. This means that you could purchase them and use them on your photos to make your feed look similar to theirs.

Shameless plug: My presets: PINKY + DREAMY are now for sale!

Both presets are super easy to use, look good on all photos and will make your feed look super cute and cohesive with just one click. They’re specifically made to work best with iPhone photos on Lightroom Mobile (the free app on your phone).


You can grab my new presets here. I’m currently having a sale so the first 100 people to purchase a preset will get it for only $5. Every purchase also comes with easy step by step instructions on how to use my preset on Lightroom mobile.

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P.s. if you use my preset, make sure to tag me @bethanyaroutunian and use #BethanyAPresets so I can like and share your photos!

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