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good clean beauty | featuring CVS

good clean beauty | featuring CVS


This blog post in sponsored by CVS, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Today we are talking about something super important to me, clean beauty!! I’m so excited to share with you guys that CVS now carries thousands of clean beauty products.

Most people don’t really know this but I’ve been struggling with getting patches of eczema on my face and hands for the past several years now. My eczema usually acts up whenever I use too many beauty products with with not-so great ingredients in them. (I found out that I had eczema in high school after using a hotel hand lotion as my face moisturizer for a few days in a row. LOL WHY.)


Ever since high school, I try to use mostly clean beauty products in my daily routine (paraben and phthalate free) to keep my eczema at bay. This is why I am THRILLED that CVS has made so many clean beauty options so accessible and affordable!


They’re also really easy to find when you’re in store. Just look for the green clean beauty sticker on CVS beauty products and you’ll know they’re paraben and phthalate free. Brands like Bliss, Burt’s Bees, Pixi, YesTo, and Garnier (all some of my all-time favorite brands!!) are among the clean beauty options at CVS.


Here’s some of my faves:

YesTo Unicorn Clay Cleanser - I love this cleanser, it leaves my face feeling really clean but not stripped. Also, it changes color when it’s ready to be washed off so there’s no second guessing how long you should leave it on for.

Pixi Glow Tonic - One of my favorite toners!! It’s 5% glycolic acid so it exfoliates and leaves you nice and glowy.

Beauty360 Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips - Who doesn’t love a good pore strip?? These work really well and are oddly satisfying.

Beauty360 Peel-Off Mask - I love a good peel-off mask because they are mess free! This is an awesome one that leaves your skin soft and bright.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel - A holy grail moisturizer. I have DRY skin and this leaves my face really moisturized and ready for makeup.

Bliss Water Jelly Hydrator - Another good moisturizer!! I would recommend this one to someone who has more of a combination skin type (like my cutie husband who has been using this for days now).

Yes To Instant No-Rinse Shampoo Cap - Okay, this is GENIUS. You wear this in the shower on no-shampoo days and when you get out of the shower not only is your hair dry, but it is refreshed and looking as if you’re on day one all over again.


I’m honestly over the moon about all of these good, CLEAN finds. Click here if you want to check out more clean beauty from CVS! Your skin will thank you later ;)

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