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Favorite Cozy Weather Pieces

Favorite Cozy Weather Pieces


Cold weather outfits are the best outfits. They are so cute and so cozy! My closet is half sweaters which is unfortunate since I live in Phoenix where I only get to wear them 2-3 months out of the year. Regardless, those months are always the best months. My favorite pieces to shop for are chunky knit sweaters and boots! I’m currently in the market for a good pair of suede knee high boots. I haven’t gotten them yet because it’s still 85 degrees here in Phoenix… but I’m holding onto hope that it will pass soon. Anyways, my cutie husband and I went to Flagstaff this weekend to get away from Phoenix's warm fall. It was so nice. It was 60 degrees and cloudy so I finally got to break out all of my cozy pieces and hang out in the woods. Here’s some of my favorite pieces that I brought with me to Flagstaff this weekend:


H&M Pom Pom Beanie - I found this beanie the day before our trip and I needed it. I’ve never had one before because Phoenix definitely doesn’t ever require warm head wear but they are SO cute. I seriously wore this all day in Flagstaff, even when it wasn’t necessary. Mostly because I knew that it’d be going right back in the closet when we got back to Phoenix. That’s okay though, I’m totally going to wear it when we go to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve!! **so excited for Christmas**


Lavender Chunky Knit Sweater - This is probably my favorite sweater. It’s so warm and comfortable. Plus, I’m so obsessed with the cute color. It really does make every outfit so much cuter. This exact sweater is sold out :( but I linked a VERY similar one!

Oversized Grey Cardigan - This cardigan is from H&M and it was seriously only like $12! I think that’s so crazy. I love it because it’s pretty thin, so it’s good for these warmer fall days when I still want to look ~fall~. Plus, it’s neutral in color so I can literally wear it over everything and anything.


Destroyed Denim - I guess this isn’t just a cozy fall piece, but for some reason destroyed denim always looks extra cute with sweaters and boots. I always get my favorite denim pieces from American Eagle. I love the way their jeans fit and they have tons of denim options. These black jeans are definitely my fave right now.

Black Fuzzy Sweater - This is another favorite from H&M. It's so soft and fuzzy, I could seriously wear it all day. It goes with everything and I always get so many compliments on it. It's perfect for both Fall and Winter outfits, plus it's only $15! 


Classic Short Uggs - Okay, my last favorite from this weekend are my Uggs! The classic short Uggs are definitely in this year and they are perfect for running errands or whatever other casual things you do. I wore them for the first time this year in Flagstaff and was totally reminded of my love for them. They’re so comfortable and I think they can make any casual outfit look so  cute.

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