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Dutch Side Braid // DIY

Dutch Side Braid // DIY


I recently learned how to do this cute braid, and I have been obsessed ever since! I love it because I don’t have to use any heat tools but it still looks so pretty! Usually, if I don’t have time to curl my hair, I’ll just throw it in a high pony which is easy but not as cute and typically by the end of the day I have a headache. So yes, this cute braid is much better, plus once you get the hang of it, you can do this hairstyle in less than 5 minutes!

So this is a dutch braid, which is pretty much the same as a french braid except for it is inverted. That just means that instead of crossing the pieces over each other, you’ll want to cross the pieces under each other. This gives the braid a bigger, more 3-D effect, which is pretty much what everyone wants from these thick Pinteresty braids. Also, the braid gets a thicker look by pulling it apart at the end. If you’ve never done a french braid before, it can be a little intimidating, but I promise that once you practice it a couple of times, it becomes so easy! Definitely give this braid a try because I’m pretty sure it’ll become your go to no-heat hairstyle also. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Hairbrush
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Clear Elastics
  • Hair Spray
  • Bobby Pins

Here’s what you’ll do:

  1. Brush your hair completely out so that there’s no tangles.
  2. Spray your hair all throughout with dry shampoo. Even if your hair is clean, dry shampoo will give your hair some texture which will make the braid look bigger and help it stay in place.
  3. Part you hair to the side.
  4. Pull all of your hair to the side opposite of your part.
  5. Pull three different strands from the top of your head by the root and cross them under each other as if you are doing a typical braid.
  6. Then start grabbing a piece of hair from each side as you go.
  7. Once you get to your ear start grabbing bigger pieces from each side until all of your hair is in your hands.
  8. Braid the rest of it as a typical braid, but make sure that you are still crossing the pieces under.
  9. Once you reach the end, tie it with a clear elastic.
  10. Starting at the top, start pulling the pieces of the braid apart to give the braid a thicker look.
  11. Bobby pin any stray pieces.
  12. Spray the braid with hair spray.
  13. Pull the pieces apart one more time to loosen up the braid and give it a messy look.
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