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7 Must Visit Gems In Seattle

7 Must Visit Gems In Seattle


This post is a lil overdue as we got back from Seattle over a month ago but I’ve been meaning to get this out here for you guys so here it is!

While we were in Seattle we did lots of exploring and found a few places in Seattle that are TOTAL GEMS for one reason or another.

1. London Plane - This cute little cafe just makes me so happy. It’s in a really cute part of town that’s fun to walk around and it makes for really cute photos.


2. Pike Place Market - This is Seattle’s famous outdoor market down by the water. We mostly came here for the flowers (they are a steal, $10 for a crazy pretty bouquet) but they also have lots of seafood, food stands, etc). This place is definitely a basic must see when you visit Seattle.


3. The Seattle Great Wheel - It was a little gloomy out on the day we visited the wheel but it was still really fun. It’s kind of a pier/fair atmosphere with cotton candy and food stands (seafood of course), etc.


4. Marination Ma Kai - Okay I feel like this place is such a hidden gem. The food is SO good, such good prices and it’s at a really cute location by the water. We got the Kimchi Fried Rice and now we’re obsessed. It wasn’t overcrowded at all and we were able to take some touristy pics by the water without being bothered haha.


5. Salume - The best and BIGGEST sandwich you’ll ever have in your life. This place makes their own salami and omg it’s so good. They also make the best chocolate chip cookies and they even make some with brisket on top of them. Mihran was v happy about this as you could probably guess.


6. Caffee Umbria - We stopped in this coffee shop to get some work done one day and it became our fave. It’s huge, with wifi, and really really good coffee. They also give you little chocolates with each drink which I think is really cute.


7. Starbucks Reserve Roastery - Okay, I have two Starbucks locations to recommend to you while you’re in Seattle and neither of them are the flagship store. Now I know lots of people want to visit the very first Starbucks location, but honestly, eh. It’s down by Pike Place Market and it was crazy busy when we walked by, like a huge line out the door. Honestly, it just looked kind of basic so I’d say skip it.

HOWEVER, do not skip the Starbucks Reserve Roastery. This place is so unique and huge. They serve alcohol at this location and have so many cool drink options.


8. Columbia Tower 40th Floor Starbucks - This is the second Starbucks location I want to recommend. It’s seriously on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower and there’s huge windows surrounding the Starbucks so while you sit with your coffee you can see the Seattle sky line.


PS: Important tip when you’re visiting Seattle: Download their parking app! Parking is a hassle pretty much anywhere in Seattle. It’s lots of street parking with confusing signs and rules but their app makes it easy and figures all of that out for you. You can also pay for meter parking on the app and it will give you a reminder when your meter is about to run out.

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