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2019 Living Room Ideas

2019 Living Room Ideas


I recently finished re-decorating our living room (I’m working my way through our house, my current project is our bedroom :)) and I realllyyy like the way it turned out! So much that I wanted to share my favorite pieces of it. All of the items linked below I either have in our living room or I have something very similar to it.


1. Grey Sectional Couch
You just can’t go wrong with a couch like this. They’re roomy, space saving and don’t stain easy. We don’t have this exact couch because sadly our couch isn’t for sale online anymore :( But this one is just as cute, affordable (free shipping with Amazon Prime!) and it got really good reviews.

2. Oversized Peach Throw Pillows
We have two of these pillows on our couch and I love them so. much. They’re huge, so so soft and they’re cute as heck. One side is velvet and one side is linen so you can always flip them over to change it up if you want.

3. Faux Plant
We just got one very similar to this one recently and I don’t know why we didn’t get one sooner?? It just pulls the whole room together and makes it look so much cuter. Plus it’s fake so nothing to actually keep alive. Put it in a cute pot and you’re good to go.

4. String Lights
Ahhh string lights, I think I’ll forever have you in every room of my house no matter the season. We have these exact lights over our fireplace and they look so good!

5. Gold Round Mirror
LOVE this mirror. It’s so cute and simple and it actually makes the room look bigger so that’s always a plus.

6. White Coffee Table
I get so many questions about this coffee table! This the exact one we have and I’m obsessed with it. You don’t have to use coasters on it and it’s super easy to clean, anything and everything always just wipes off. Also it looks v cute and minimalistic.


7. Blanket Basket
We have one very similar to this and love it! I use blankets year round because I run cold (lol) so a blanket basket is a must. Plus it’s a good addition if you have an empty corner and you want something cute there.

8. Sherpa Blankets
These are cutest blankets to go in your blanket basket! These are actually on my wishlist because I hear they are the SOFTEST and COZIEST around.

9. Picture frames, Prints and Ledge
This is my favorite part of our living room. The pic you see above is our exact set up and I really really love it. All we did was hang up two ledges together, printed some wall art off Etsy, framed them and BAM.

10. Anthropologie Candles
Okay we all know you need at least one of these in your living room right??

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