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Good Clean Beauty | Featuring CVS

Today we are talking about something super important to me, clean beauty!! I’m so excited to share with you guys that CVS now carries thousands of Clean Beauty products.

Most people don’t really know this but I’ve been struggling with getting patches of eczema on my face and hands for the past several years now. My eczema usually acts up whenever I use too many beauty products with with not-so great ingredients in them. (I found out that I had eczema in high school after using a hotel hand lotion as my face moisturizer for a few days in a row. LOL WHY.)

Why I Do My Nails At Home | Featuring Dazzle Dry

Some of you may know that I’ve recently been working on doing my own nails at home instead of going to the salon. Going to the salon is not only costly but time consuming so I’ve been doing my own gel manicures at home for a couple of months now. HOWEVER, I recently noticed that my nails are getting weaker and weaker, so the gel manicures have to stop (gels can dehydrate and thin your nails!).

SO I recently decided to give Dazzle Dry a shot. Dazzle Dry is an at home manicure system that gives you a long lasting and quick drying manicure without the UV light. Honestly this is huge for me. The main reason I would do gel manicures at home was because it dried fast (I’m the queen of messing up a wet manicure) but Dazzle Dry dries so fast I will honestly never need my UV light again.

HOW TO: Bubble Braid Pony

I don’t know about you guys but lately I’ve been obsessed with following hair inspo accounts on Instagram like Habit Salon, Lindsey Rae Rogers, Kirsten Zellers, etc. They always post the best hair inspo and I only hope to one day reach this level of hair perfection. Unfortunately, if ya know me irl, you know I struggle with styling my own hair. I may have even asked you to do my hair for me on a few occasions because I just CANNOT.

But I’m working on it and I’ve mastered a few things, such as this bubble braid pony! This is honestly the EASIEST braid to learn because it’s not even a real braid, it’s kind of like cheating at braids but it’s still really cute. And if I can do it, you can definitely do it.

4 Current Health Favorites

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I am VERY excited to share this blog post on some of my current favorite health related products.

I love finding new things that inspire me and make me excited to prioritize my health each day. I’ve recently become familiar with four holy grail products that do just that and I’m ready to give you guys the low down!!

My Spring Skincare Routine

The recent weather change has been wreaking havoc on my skin and I’ve pretty much been going crazy trying to figure out what my skin wants. I have sensitive, dry skin and I’m prone to acne and eczema so I have to be careful with what products go on my face. I generally stick to using mostly the “clean” products at Sephora. Any products labeled “clean at Sephora” steer clear of ingredients my skin doesn’t like such as fragrances, parabens, sulfates, etc.

Some of my favorite brands with clean products are Drunk Elephant, Supergoop and Summer Fridays.

5 Reasons I'm Obsessed With Grapefruit Lately

I used to love grapefruit but for some reason I eventually just stopped eating it. Well, I saw it in the grocery store the other day (does anyone else feel like grapefruit is hidden?? Like I forget it exists bc you really have to look for it in the produce section!) and decided to grab a couple.

Fast forward to a few days ago when I was feeling a cold coming on… I know grapefruit is a good source of vitamin c so I literally just sat down and ate an entire grapefruit. First of all, it tasted really good and second of all, I felt DANG HEALTHY afterwards.

My Holy Grail Micellar Water | Featuring Garnier

Today I am going to share one of my holy grail skincare products with you all! I heard about micellar water for the first time almost a year ago, and it immediately sounded amazing. Micellar water acts as a magnet capturing and lifting away dirt, oil and makeup from your skin without any harsh rubbing, so really what’s not to like? However, I was always a little nervous to try it out because I have really sensitive skin and don’t like to risk having any bad reactions.

Nightly Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin | Featuring Alba Botanica

Happy October everyone! I’m SO happy it’s finally starting to feel (a little) like fall here in Phoenix. It’s been cooler and cloudy, we’ve even had some thunderstorms here and there. I know some of you probably think I’m crazy for loving this type of weather, but we do not get it often enough here in Phoenix so I am livin for it.

Today’s blog post is all about my current nightly skincare routine! I’m so excited to share this post with you all because honestly, just about a month ago I was in no position to share a skincare routine of any kind (my skin was for sure struggling).

3 Steps To Naturally Thicker Brows

As we all know, back in the day it was cool to have pencil thin eyebrows and well, lots of us are still recovering from this sad trend. For a while now the new trend has been to have the opposite: big thick, healthy brows, AND I AM HERE FOR THIS TREND. I love bushy eyebrows, the thicker the BETTER.

However, I’m not a fan of the fake drawn on look because I want my brows to look good all the time, even without makeup!! So because of this, I’m always working to grow out my eyebrows and I thought it was finally time to share my tricks.

Dutch Side Braid // DIY

I recently learned how to do this cute braid, and I have been obsessed ever since! I love it because I don’t have to use any heat tools but it still looks so pretty! Usually, if I don’t have time to curl my hair, I’ll just throw it in a high pony which is easy but not as cute and typically by the end of the day I have a headache. So yes, this cute braid is much better, plus once you get the hang of it, you can do this hairstyle in less than 5 minutes!

Healthy Hair Care Routine // ft. Kristin Ess

I don’t know about you guys, but I have been struggling with unhealthy hair. Lately, it’s been dry, tangles easily and is prone to breakage and split ends. If you struggle with any of these things as well it can be due to a number of things such as bleaching/coloring your hair, using heat tools too often, using the wrong hair brush, using the wrong hair products, brushing your hair when it’s wet, etc. I literally could go on. I’ve done so much research on this topic because I want my hair to be healthy! Well, I finally found a line of hair care products and a routine that has helped me get my strong, shiny and healthy hair back. I’m so excited to share this routine because I really think that it is a universal hair care routine that can help anyone who wants healthy hair!