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Why I Do My Nails At Home | Featuring Dazzle Dry

Why I Do My Nails At Home | Featuring Dazzle Dry


Some of you may know that I’ve recently been working on doing my own nails at home instead of going to the salon. Going to the salon is not only costly but time consuming so I’ve been doing my own gel manicures at home for a couple of months now. HOWEVER, I recently noticed that my nails are getting weaker and weaker, so the gel manicures have to stop (gels can dehydrate and thin your nails!).

SO I recently decided to give Dazzle Dry a shot. Dazzle Dry is an at home manicure system that gives you a long lasting and quick drying manicure without the UV light. Honestly this is huge for me. The main reason I would do gel manicures at home was because it dried fast (I’m the queen of messing up a wet manicure) but Dazzle Dry dries so fast I will honestly never need my UV light again.


Not only does it dry fast without a UV light, but Dazzle Dry makes the effort to keep your nails healthy with the products they give you in their five step system. Their system is made up of five products that are uniquely formulated to work together to provide a healthy, fast drying and long wearing manicure.


Here’s a breakdown of the five steps:

  1. Nail Prep - This is a blend of calcium, vitamin B5 and hydrolyzed protein to clean and nourish your nails. You just put a little on a cotton pad and wipe down your nails with it to have a healthy start to every manicure.

  2. Base Coat - Provides a base that keeps polish lasting longer.

  3. Nail Polish - Long lasting nail polish without any harmful chemicals. (They also have a million cute shades of polish to choose from).

  4. Top Coat - Protects against chips and makes your nails super glossy.

  5. Revive - Revive is for the Top Coat and Nail Lacquer when they get too thick due to evaporation of the solvents from the bottle.


I followed these steps and it was so easy. I love knowing that my nails look good as HECK and they’re getting strong and healthy.


Dazzle Dry is going to be my go to for a long time, I’m crazy impressed. Click here if you guys want to learn more and use my code BETH4DD for 20% off!

This blog post is sponsored by Dazzle Dry, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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