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Girl’s Night | Featuring Cheryl’s Cookies

Girl’s Night | Featuring Cheryl’s Cookies


Woop wooop!! So excited to share with you guys about my new obsession, Cheryl’s Cookies. Cheryl’s is known for their AMAZING fresh-baked desserts, including individually wrapped cookies, brownies & cakes! They are seriously so good and made with only the best ingredients.

The other day Dakota, Elaine and I all had a girl’s night and it was so fun mostly because I love seeing them but also because we ate alllll the cookies. We had three different kinds of Cheryl’s Cookies and they were all SO GOOD so let me break it down for ya.


We had the Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookie which is a classic for sure. They’re made with pure sweet cream butter and real vanilla, plus they’re in cute little pumpkin shapes with lots of sugar sprinkled on them.


We also had the Brondie Brookie which is 1/2 blondie bar and 1/2 fudge brownie. AMAZING. This one is made with butter, sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, chocolate liquor and cocoa powder.


Cheryl’s Chocolate Chip Cookie is probably my all time favorite though. This cookie is brand new in honor of Cheryl’s 38th anniversary and I’m in loveeee. It’s sweetened with honey and is made with Belgian wafers, semi-sweet morsels, milk chocolate chips and topped with sea salt!


All of these cookies came in such cute packaging so they’re perfect for everyday, special occasions and gifts.

PS they recently launched a collection of new fall and holiday flavors like s’mores, brown sugar, cranberry, pistachio, etc! Click here if you want to check out all the flavors!!

This blog post is sponsored by Cheryl’s Cookies, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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