7 Must Visit Gems In Seattle

This post is a lil overdue as we got back from Seattle over a month ago but I’ve been meaning to get this out here for you guys so here it is!

While we were in Seattle we did lots of exploring and found a few places in Seattle that are TOTAL GEMS for one reason or another.

good clean beauty | featuring CVS

Today we are talking about something super important to me, clean beauty!! I’m so excited to share with you guys that CVS now carries thousands of Clean Beauty products.

Most people don’t really know this but I’ve been struggling with getting patches of eczema on my face and hands for the past several years now. My eczema usually acts up whenever I use too many beauty products with with not-so great ingredients in them. (I found out that I had eczema in high school after using a hotel hand lotion as my face moisturizer for a few days in a row. LOL WHY.)

Why I Do My Nails At Home | Featuring Dazzle Dry

Some of you may know that I’ve recently been working on doing my own nails at home instead of going to the salon. Going to the salon is not only costly but time consuming so I’ve been doing my own gel manicures at home for a couple of months now. HOWEVER, I recently noticed that my nails are getting weaker and weaker, so the gel manicures have to stop (gels can dehydrate and thin your nails!).

SO I recently decided to give Dazzle Dry a shot. Dazzle Dry is an at home manicure system that gives you a long lasting and quick drying manicure without the UV light. Honestly this is huge for me. The main reason I would do gel manicures at home was because it dried fast (I’m the queen of messing up a wet manicure) but Dazzle Dry dries so fast I will honestly never need my UV light again.

EASY + CUTE Halloween Costume Ideas - All Under $25!

Okay tbh Halloween usually just sneaks up on me. Usually I plan a last minute couples costume for me and Mihran, we get a “boo-rito” from Chipotle (why idk but it’s tradition), watch a couple halloween movies, eat gross amounts of candy and call it a day. Honestly this year prob won’t be any different EXCEPT I’m getting a jump on picking out our costumes.

Bedroom Reveal!!

So excited to share this with you guys! It is honestly about time that we got around to putting our bedroom together. We’ve lived in our townhome for over almost 3 years now and we definitely put designing the rest of the house first. So getting this room together is definitely overdue. I’m really happy with how it turned out, it feels really clean and minimalistic. Here’s a run down of the room and where we got everything from!

2019 Living Room Ideas

I recently finished re-decorating our living room (I’m working my way through our house, my current project is our bedroom :)) and I realllyyy like the way it turned out! So much that I wanted to share my favorite pieces of it. All of the items linked below I either have, or I have something similar to it in our living room.

Why I Love Jiobit For Pets

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m pumped to share this blog post with you all today because it is all about one of my favorite topics, my little baby dog Lennox!!!

As you guys probably know Lennox is MY WORLD. His safety is a top priority for me but lately I’ve been a little extra anxious about his whereabouts (lol). From time to time we’ll have people in and out of our apartment working on things. A lot of the time they come when we’re not home and my worst fear is Lennox accidentally getting out and us having no idea where he is. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you guys all about my experience with Jiobit, as it has given me so much peace of mind lately.

HOW TO: Bubble Braid Pony

I don’t know about you guys but lately I’ve been obsessed with following hair inspo accounts on Instagram like Habit Salon, Lindsey Rae Rogers, Kirsten Zellers, etc. They always post the best hair inspo and I only hope to one day reach this level of hair perfection. Unfortunately, if ya know me irl, you know I struggle with styling my own hair. I may have even asked you to do my hair for me on a few occasions because I just CANNOT.

But I’m working on it and I’ve mastered a few things, such as this bubble braid pony! This is honestly the EASIEST braid to learn because it’s not even a real braid, it’s kind of like cheating at braids but it’s still really cute. And if I can do it, you can definitely do it.

4 Current Health Favorites

Happy Tuesday everyone!! I am VERY excited to share this blog post on some of my current favorite health related products.

I love finding new things that inspire me and make me excited to prioritize my health each day. I’ve recently become familiar with four holy grail products that do just that and I’m ready to give you guys the low down!!

Lakehouse Hotel and Resort | Hotel Review

Eeeeep I’m so excited to be sharing this hotel review with you guys today!! I want to start out by saying that Mihran and I have been traveling quite a bit lately and Lakehouse Hotel and Resort is DEFINITELY a new favorite hotel of ours. I’m so happy I get to share all of these details with you guys because I know you are going to fall in love with Lakehouse Hotel just like we did!

Instagram Travel Guide | Phoenix

The blog post we have ALL been waiting for, even me because I need a little reminder every now and then of the cute spots Phoenix has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I like living here in Scottsdale, November-April at least, don’t ask me how I feel the other 6 months of the year because then it’s in the 100s and I forget why we choose to live here. But aside from the high temps, I also wish Phoenix had some more variety. Phoenix is just very - brown. So it takes a bit more work to find Instagrammable spots here, but we did it!!

My Spring Skincare Routine

The recent weather change has been wreaking havoc on my skin and I’ve pretty much been going crazy trying to figure out what my skin wants. I have sensitive, dry skin and I’m prone to acne and eczema so I have to be careful with what products go on my face. I generally stick to using mostly the “clean” products at Sephora. Any products labeled “clean at Sephora” steer clear of ingredients my skin doesn’t like such as fragrances, parabens, sulfates, etc.

Some of my favorite brands with clean products are Drunk Elephant, Supergoop and Summer Fridays.